Individual Therapy


My goal is to have you living in the moment, happy, and connected with others. The process of accomplishing this is to teach you how your mind works in conjunction with your body, to get those two items in sync, and then to get rid of anything that is pulling you out of the moment, such as guilt, sadness, or pain. I frequently see people to relieve symptoms of:

  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Grief & Loss
  • Substance Abuse
  • Physical Pain
  • Insomnia

 Tissue-Free Therapy

You will feel at ease as this relaxed style combines humor, storytelling, hypnotherapy, and Rapid Resolution Therapy®.

What you accomplish in session will endure. You will learn: how the mind works, techniques to practice on your own, self-hypnosis, ways of reframing situations so they do not upset you, and to regulate your emotions for a smoother transition through the bumps in everyday life.

Short-Term Treatment

Therapy should move you to your optimal life in as few sessions as possible. Utilizing the chiropractic model, sessions begin with longer and more frequent sessions, and then taper down as issues and discomfort is eased, so that you are then only checking in every 6 months for a tune up, and coming in for new issues as they arise.

Holistic Approach

The mind and body work in conjunction. Consideration is given to the ways aspects of your life combine in terms of your:

  • music
  • hobbies
  • interactions with others and social life
  • living space
  • work environment
  • diet
  • exercise regimen
  • meditation practice
  • spirituality

Telebehavioral Health

I am licensed in Florida and Georgia, with pending licenses in Washington DC and New York. I see all clients by telehealth, meaning synchronous video.

For an appointment, please call 954-612-9553 to schedule an intake. Cost is $150 per hour; some sliding fee appointments are available for clients in need.