When to Wash your Hands

0washNot just during Covid times, these are rules of thumb. WATCH

Wash your hands after you use the restroom. Regardless of what business you did in the washroom, you touched the door handle and this is an opportunity to clean your hands.

Wash your hands before you eat. Whether at home, at a friend’s, or at a restaurant of any caliber, wash your hands before you eat. If you have gotten messy, or had finger foods, you may want to wash your hands afterward, but you may not need to.

Wash your hands before you prepare food. You want to bring cleanliness to what you feed yourself and others, so this is a given.

Wash your hands when you come in from outside. We touch numerous things when we leave the house, like the car, groceries, money, tables, door handles, and maybe even pet a dog. Those items have been touched by others also, and your hands are dirty.

Wash your hands after you touch children. Children are often sticky, and they are educated at germ factories, AKA schools. I’m kidding, half-kidding. But children are often unaware of what they have touched and wipe their boogers and such, so wash your hands anyway.

Autumn Hahn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing at Clear Mind Group in Weston, Florida. Call 954-612-9553 for a consultation. Follow Autumn on TwitterFacebook, and Google+. Sign up for the e-newsletter HERE.

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