Simple anxiety and depression technique

Zooming in, zooming out

Sometimes, I’m looking at my life through a microscope. Other times, through a telescope. When I’m feeling extra stressed or extra sad, I know that my attention is on the wrong things, and I need to zoom into a different direction.

For example, if I am focused on politics and world news, and that is causing me to feel off balance, out of control, and to worry about things over which I have no ability to make changes, I am zoomed out too far.

technology eye scan radar

On the other hand, if I am focused on the health problem, bills, things that are happening only in my world, I need to zoom out.

The difficulty in this technique is noticing your zoom. A way to get around this is to either notice what you’re thinking about, or notice the feelings that you’re having. You can follow your feelings to the thoughts, or your thoughts to the feelings. Once you identify the level of zoom, change it by moving your attention, your thoughts.

Autumn Hahn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing at Clear Mind Group in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New York, and Virginia. Call 954-612-9553 for a consultation. Follow Autumn on Twitter & Facebook.

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