Anxiety in Others

00micQuestion: How can I enjoy my visit with my friend, who is often plagued by anxiety so badly that he makes plans, but then can’t or won’t leave the house? On past trips, I’ve been so frustrated by his seeming ambivalence to go out with me that I’ve wanted to leave early. I’ve gotten angry and upset and it ruined my visit. I want to have a different experience this time, but don’t know if things will be any different on his part.

Answer: Reframe the situation. Continue reading “Anxiety in Others”

Awkwardness and Social Phobia

0bigstock-Cow-And-Gate--5928923People with social phobia or social anxiety often worry that they are awkward or don’t fit it with everyone else. However, almost everyone has that worry to some degree. And, we are all awkward at times. Continue reading “Awkwardness and Social Phobia”