What Hypnosis Isn’t

What Do You ThinkThere are many misconceptions about hypnosis from exaggerations on television and in movies. So what is it? And what isn’t it?

I practice hypnotherapy, which uses hypnosis to enable the inner mind, or subconscious, to make changes that are more rapid than in traditional talk therapy, or many other kinds of therapy. I am a therapist first. I have the training, education, and experience for my profession. I added hypnotherapy as an adjunct to my practice because I saw the value in working with both parts of consciousness in treatment. Going to a hypnotherapist, as opposed to a hypnotist, means there is a board of ethics and a minimum of training in psychology, as well as hypnotherapy, to be upheld and maintained.

It is not mind control. It is being in touch with your own mind and allowing change to take place. I tell clients, “If at any time you feel uncomfortable, you might simply open your eyes and stop participating, or walk out.”

It is not being out-of-control. In fact, there is a heightened sense of awareness during the hypnotic/trance state. I tell clients, “Notice your body in the chair. You can feel your clothes touching your body. If anyone were to touch your hand, you would be able to feel that also. Move your arm. See how you are in control of your body at all times.”

It is not barking like a dog. There is no purpose in asking you to do silly things in the context of therapy. People volunteer to be in stage shows, knowing they will be asked to do silly things, and they choose to participate as part of the fun of the show. Therapy is not that situation, and we’ll make the best use of your time instead.

It is a fast, effective way to make lasting change in the conscious and subconscious mind to the best benefit of the client. If you have additional questions about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, please call me and ask. If you have had a positive hypnotherapy experience and would like to share that information (maybe you quit a bad habit?), please leave it as a comment below.

Autumn Hahn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing at Clear Mind Group in Weston, Florida. Call 954-612-9553 for a consultation. Follow Autumn on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for the e-newsletter HERE.

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